16 Commits (master)

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  Chimo 05ebee6be7 getLocation: Enable "high accuracy" option 3 years ago
  Chimo f68b924193 place: Use 'obj.tags.name' from Overpass if avail. 6 years ago
  Chimo 3099388f6a Formatting 6 years ago
  Chimo 4a5ace9362 map: add some metadata to markers 6 years ago
  Chimo 4da5df5c00 map: make image path configurable 6 years ago
  Chimo 8ec191bb18 map: remove Pullet-specific logic from lib 6 years ago
  Chimo 6932522fdd Replace $.get/$.post with "xr" lib 6 years ago
  Chimo 46d0e982ab nominatim: make sure 'id' is an Int 6 years ago
  Chimo efe5a2ce8c nominatim: place.fill doesn't return anything 6 years ago
  Chimo eac1950f84 nominatim: Merge data w/ Overpass in `Place` class 6 years ago
  Chimo 723a1088e0 poi: Have overpass data use the `Place` class 6 years ago
  Chimo 15ebe3a9de poi: `Place` class to streamline poi properties 6 years ago
  Chimo ad921d5838 places: Add a way to sort by distance 6 years ago
  Chimo a0c2765f64 Add latlon-spherical extlib 6 years ago
  Chimo 4b7a0de749 poi: only get places with names 6 years ago
  Chimo af4215af04 Initial commit 6 years ago