Personal APKBUILDs for LXC containers. Probably not useful for anyone else. Probably not following best practices...
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chimo dbe608e50b
snappymail: 2.29.3 -> 2.29.4
1 week ago
_archived Archive some apkbuilds 3 months ago
chromic-blog First commit 4 years ago
dyndns-linode Updated "dynsdns-linode" 1 month ago
freshrss freshrss: Update 1.22.0 -> 1.22.1 1 month ago
gtfs gtfs: Update to php81, remove hard dependency on postgresql 4 months ago
home-dashboard Add 'home-dashboard' 2 months ago
py3-mopidy-iris mopidy-iris -> py3-mopidy-iris 3 months ago
pygtfs pygtfs: v0.1.9 4 months ago
snappymail snappymail: 2.29.3 -> 2.29.4 1 week ago
ulogger-server Add ulogger-server 3 months ago
weather weather: Add openrc, pgsql subpackages 3 months ago