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recipe: pulled pork stuffs 1 year ago
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dranks 1 year ago
  Chimo 122351258a recipe: Markup with h-recipe microformat2 1 year ago
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Merge pull request #30 from KN4CK3R/gh-pages 1 year ago
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Merge pull request #27 from rathgar/gh-pages 1 year ago
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  Clark Wimberly 28c7caa567 Fixed duplicate comma introduced in #28 2 years ago
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Merge pull request #28 from MichaelThomasMPT/gh-pages 2 years ago
  MichaelThomasMPT ffb5335d03 Allow for searching by tags. 2 years ago
  Clark Wimberly 1463c0cdd0 carrot tweaks 2 years ago
  Clark Wimberly 16ac063221 crispy carrots 2 years ago
  Rue Turner 2b3d3b9727 fix formatting 2 years ago
  Rue Turner 0a3f494130 Add nutritional information to Recipes 2 years ago
  Clark Wimberly 667e120c51 links 2 years ago
  Clark Wimberly e4d97184fa recipe, baseurl, images 2 years ago
  Clark Wimberly 0bd0c1cf0f new design started 2 years ago
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Typo 2 years ago
  Clark Wimberly ff63e70c69 wine! 2 years ago
  Clark Wimberly 8f471762cf two new recipes 2 years ago
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Merge pull request #25 from mrstegeman/docker-compose 2 years ago
  Clark Wimberly 72ecf5de95 Cornbread recipe 2 years ago
  Clark Wimberly a74649049f
Merge pull request #24 from mrstegeman/remove-site 2 years ago
  Michael Stegeman ee7492fa09
Add sample docker-compose file. 2 years ago
  Michael Stegeman b4dab3dec4
Remove _site directory from repo. 2 years ago
  Clark Wimberly e6453cdfb0
Merge pull request #14 from di-dc/search-page-update 3 years ago
  Clark Wimberly 4e1229974b
Create LICENSE 3 years ago
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Merge pull request #15 from di-dc/sanitize-ingredients-in-search-index 3 years ago
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Merge pull request #16 from di-dc/update-blog-post-links 3 years ago
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Merge pull request #18 from patrickgardella/fix_footer 3 years ago
  Patrick Gardella 4b124df2e8 Fix invalid footer HTML and remove unused "rss-subscription" css class 3 years ago
  di-dc 30e2962b5b Updated URLs for blog posts to include site.baseurl 3 years ago
  di-dc 3be6880557 sanitize non-standard chars from ingredients list when adding to search index 3 years ago
  di-dc cb2bd6c59c Updated search.html paths for search js and json 3 years ago
  Clark Wimberly 5cd451025f
Merge pull request #12 from di-dc/footer-fixes 3 years ago
  di-dc d37c35fccb Added baseurl to footer links, typo fix 3 years ago
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  Clark Wimberly 6fac4d181c beta stuff (with announcement post) 3 years ago
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