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A simple, plaintext recipe database for hackers

Getting Started

This is a Jekyll build. Make sure you have Jekyll installed. To install, run this command in the terminal (or iTerm, etc):

gem install bundler jekyll

or to check if you've got it installed already:

jekyll -v

Clone or download this repo. Navigate to the folder in terminal (or iTerm, etc), and then run:

jekyll serve

With default settings, you should be able to view the site locally at

Writing a Recipe

The recipes are stored in the collection “Recipes” (the folder /_recipes).

They are written in Markdown and contain a few special sections:

  • The frontmatter, which contains:
  • Title, Image, and Layout (which is “recipe”)
  • Ingredients (a list of things in the dish)
  • Directions (a list of steps for the dish)
  • Body content (for intros, stories, written detail)

If you need help with Markdown, here's a handy cheatsheet.

Writing a component recipe

A component recipe is a special recipe made up of other recipes. To make a new component recipe:

  • place your smaller, single recipes into the /_components folder
  • make a new recipe like normal in the /_recipes folders
  • in the frontmatter of this new recipe, include your recipes from the /_components folder (instead of the usual Ingredeints list)

You can an example on the Red Berry Tart recipe.