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  Chimo bae26eb215 android: Add μlogger 1 year ago
  Chimo 46ed6cad22 android: Yaaic -> Revolution IRC 1 year ago
  Chimo 68cb4feb80 project-autonomous: Add "drone" at ci.chromic.org 1 year ago
  Chimo e244d4d9ac project-autonomous: Gogs -> Gitea 1 year ago
  Chimo 6cf8d10290 autonomous: Add gpodder.net instance 1 year ago
  Chimo bce50d673e autonomous: Fix link to GNU fm 1 year ago
  Chimo 5933d583ba autonomous: Add 'Lounge' irc web client 1 year ago
  Chimo 803392e8c1 lifestream: 'webmention' icon modification 1 year ago
  Chimo a86a354b97 lifestream: Add 'flox' source icon 1 year ago
  Chimo 4927a59f5f blog/autonomous: Add Flox instance 1 year ago
  Chimo 6c25c9076c blog/autonomous: Tomdroid -> OpenTasks 1 year ago
  Chimo e5709642cf [blog/android] Add ICSdroid 1 year ago
  Chimo 3abc22a3c5 [blog/android] Remove 'Tomdroid' 1 year ago
  Chimo fa7aaf5e68 [blog/android] Replace 'Lightning' with 'IceCat' 1 year ago
  Chimo ce18a14ec1 [blog/android] Add Termux 1 year ago
  Chimo 45bffdf8db [blog/android] Remove 'ConnectBot' 1 year ago
  Chimo a6ded357d0 [blog/youtube-dl] Quick install/config notes 2 years ago
  Chimo 54e5e16caa [blog] Add recent blog posts 2 years ago
  Chimo 9b4b0cca45 [blog] Minor updates to blog posts 2 years ago
  Chimo 48e1b02ef1 [blog/android] Cyanogenmod -> LineageOS 2 years ago
  Chimo 7b9ebe9a45 [blog/android] ownCloud -> Nextcloud 2 years ago
  Chimo 33340a5959 Update Gogs webhook for the lifestream 2 years ago
  Chimo f91bc59ada Add spamassassin, maildrop and enigma 2 years ago
  Chimo 0e356bbb55 Replaced OwnCloud with NextCloud 2 years ago
  Chimo 11a7e814d1 blog: android - Rename 'Tasks' to 'OpenTasks' 2 years ago
  Chimo ea4ee806bd blog: autonomous - Add OpenDMARC to mail stack 2 years ago
  Chimo 304093a4b8 blog: autonomous - Remove Jappix 2 years ago
  Chimo dd7e68438e blog: Android - Add the fact that "Tasks" syncs 3 years ago
  Chimo 6df3bf5fae project autonomous: HTTPS all the things o/ ! 3 years ago
  Chimo 644abd8b39 project autonomous: Add XRay instance 3 years ago
  Chimo 90c428078d project autonomous: Replace FreshRSS with woodwind 3 years ago
  Chimo 977b247dd0 project autonomous: Replace SimpleID w/ IndieAuth 3 years ago
  Chimo f6b9b49abf scss: Override link underline behavior 3 years ago
  Chimo 8bab6df1ec homepage: Add h-feed, move h-entry tpl out of it 3 years ago
  Chimo 840d09f00c webmention count: HTTP -> HTTPS 3 years ago
  Chimo d5c045e97a like: Reverse Engineering A Mysterious UDP Stream 3 years ago
  Chimo 9bf7702f5d likes: Add temporary icon 3 years ago
  Chimo f7877beb9c feed: Fix URLs 3 years ago
  Chimo a1924b314e footer: Remove generic RSS feed from all footers 3 years ago
  Chimo 199523e4b0 likes: First shot at implementing likes 3 years ago
  Chimo c1bab463bd scss: More cleanup 3 years ago
  Chimo 927d04cf50 scss: add lint rules, lint files. 3 years ago
  Chimo eea94c59fa lifestream js: Fix the stream selector. 3 years ago
  Chimo 9baa7d2b9d Make 'page' and 'update' content container full-width 3 years ago
  Chimo af77f2a636 Simplify layouts, use includes more, cleanup CSS 3 years ago
  Chimo 806b4c58e7 scss: Split-up modifications by component 3 years ago
  Chimo f72018a9bb blog - android: remove github, add newpipe 3 years ago
  Chimo 1a805c8072 footer: remove copyright year, symbol 3 years ago
  Chimo 1cec9258ac head: include <link> to our IndieAuth endpoint 3 years ago
  Chimo 1c213e506c update layout: Remove extra, outer h-entry 3 years ago