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Graph the Feds

This script crawls FOAF files from GNU social profiles and attempts to graph the connections between instances and users.


  • Python 2 (tested with 2.7.10)
  • tldextract (tested with 1.6)
  • rdflib (tested with 4.2.0)


Give the script a profile to start crawling and it'll go on from there.
Optionally give it a maximum number of FOAF files to fetch and parse (defaults to 5).

python2 ./ --max=5

To stop the script before it reached "max", press Ctrl+C.
The script should terminate gracefully and generate a .gexf file with the data it had time to collect.

Once the data collection is done, run the following to convert the data to json:
python2 ./extlib/InteractiveVis/server/ out/graph.gexf out/data.json

To see the graph, open ./out/index.html in your browser.


You can find an example of the results here:
The script fetched approximately 55 FOAFs to generate that graph.


This is a work-in-progress. I don't know python that well. Pull-requests welcome!