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  Chimo 7d832b7ff4
Handle /actions/apisearchjson.php searches 7 months ago
  Chimo 6c3b940bab
Fix encoding issues with accented characters 7 months ago
  Chimo 09b762c516 Use namespace with ES exception 8 months ago
  Chimo 2cc15b104e LOG_ERROR -> LOG_ERR 10 months ago
  Chimo 54acb42e2b Add missing param in function call 11 months ago
  Chimo 473d8773c2 Remove extra </li>, fixes layout issue 11 months ago
  Chimo cf48de8cd1 Sort notices by created date 11 months ago
  Chimo 518902edcf Handle search with no value in "notice text" field 11 months ago
  Chimo b3d2fbf7f0 Initial multi-field search page 11 months ago
  Chimo f6442266b9 bulk: Don't double-nest 'body' property 11 months ago
  Chimo 42cdea547a import-notice: Fix command-line flags 11 months ago
  Chimo b28cdcf8c3 import-notice: Use configured index name 11 months ago
  Chimo 4dae667ccb import-notice: Add -b flag to control batch size 11 months ago
  Chimo 11a4fc6fc1
Add inital script to bulk import notices 11 months ago
  Chimo bae177c945 Quotes and stuff 11 months ago
  Chimo 66bd973fb2 Index both notice 'verb' and 'type' 1 year ago
  Chimo 25cd3e1b13 Handle "no results" 1 year ago
  Chimo 88d4bfb779 Some error handling 1 year ago
  Chimo 79e3358943 Update README 1 year ago
  Chimo 2ad8bd0e61 "author" field now holds full webfinger address 1 year ago
  Chimo c2b0d8f81d Handle deletions 1 year ago
  Chimo 0948c4a1f6 Let GS do the sorting 1 year ago
  Chimo 6f8e76807e Define index mappings 1 year ago
  Chimo 8136cc9c14 Enable pagination 1 year ago
  Chimo cd80a3422c Capture notice type 1 year ago
  Chimo 8c942bed36 First commit 1 year ago