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  Chimo f8aa71e13c Add README 8 months ago
  Chimo d25e6a84c0 Fixup styles 8 months ago
  Chimo c8a62cbede Add license 9 months ago
  Chimo f6e459383c Use Plugin::staticPath instead of custom code 1 year ago
  Chimo 838f9e99b8 Add 'Date created' sortable column 1 year ago
  Chimo 56b4778208 confirmation: Make sure image fits in container 1 year ago
  Chimo a4c5c5f468 Add 'B' suffix for size < than 1 'K' 1 year ago
  Chimo f67620edd0 Add instructions on confirmation page 1 year ago
  Chimo 426c420845 Handle invalid file IDs 1 year ago
  Chimo db001dabb2 Show file on confirmation page 1 year ago
  Chimo ac8e8ab4d7 Remove unused doPost method 1 year ago
  Chimo e84baa0c2d Handle cases when 'size' is NULL in the db 2 years ago
  Chimo ccff254928 overview: Only consider local files 2 years ago
  Chimo dc8c5047d6 sizeof() -> count() 2 years ago
  Chimo df99274230 Add message when a file has no referrer 2 years ago
  Chimo 073782bd6c Catch 'NoResultException' when getting referrers 2 years ago
  Chimo 9cd41cb6e9 Implement sorting 2 years ago
  Chimo a46168910d Use the 'notice_delete' class on the 'Delete' link 2 years ago
  Chimo 80362ff8d8 Style the noticeId list 2 years ago
  Chimo 293d8e21df Align file size column to the right 2 years ago
  Chimo 0a7c52f13a Show which notices link to which file 2 years ago
  Chimo a353ee9548 Make thumbnail the "link to original file" 2 years ago
  Chimo abf132eb49 Use number_format() on number of files 2 years ago
  Chimo 4950aecc94 Implement overview 2 years ago
  Chimo e390f05d22 Implement pagination 2 years ago
  Chimo 36a4df29c5 Add max-width to thumbnails 2 years ago
  Chimo b7d03164c5
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