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  Chimo e094b4b326 Normalize linebreaks 2 years ago
  Chimo 91f711fbd6 Render bio with markdown in ProfileBlock 2 years ago
  Chimo 99b512ef0d Revert "[WIP] Per-notice markdown setting" 2 years ago
  Chimo e8c34e3fc0 [WIP] Per-notice markdown setting 2 years ago
  Chimo d1757a1bb6 Formatting and comments 2 years ago
  Chimo eea1d63faa
readme: Add 'install' section 2 years ago
  Chimo 4aa5169d03 Fix GFM autolinks (standard URLs in text) 2 years ago
  Chimo c30a023fb9
Silence harmless error in the logs 2 years ago
  Chimo 47070a6d90
Use the correct profile for the markdownify check 2 years ago
  Chimo d1cfe0351a Document the per-user on/off setting 2 years ago
  Chimo 85740c19f4 Make compatible with the 'Notice Preview' plugin 2 years ago
  Chimo 6b0d4ec691 On/Off setting per-user 3 years ago
  Chimo 03c53942f9 v0.0.8 3 years ago
  Chimo 6bd1ff9ac2 Merge branch 'bashrc/markdown-bashrc/links' 3 years ago
  Bob Mottram 08c2c4c7e0 Convert a raw url to a link 3 years ago
  Chimo 30f15c2315 Keep blank lines 3 years ago
  Chimo 184801fba1 Quickfix: only require composer's autoload when needed 3 years ago
  Chimo 765790d4a8 README: Add GFM documentation 3 years ago
  Chimo 33ef4b1ff9 Add GFM support via config.php 3 years ago
  Chimo 8fd7e27f4b Attempt to remove trailing whitespace in Andstatus 3 years ago
  Chimo e27363d1a4 Add license 3 years ago
  Chimo 9d1892b024 Preserve whitespace in the original notice 3 years ago
  Chimo fc609ceb55 Add "render_text" method 3 years ago
  Chimo 7e1c34809d Merge pull request #8 from faulteh/hasNoParent 3 years ago
  Scott Bragg 9cbaa60c08 Workaround to check if notice has a hasParent method 3 years ago
  Chimo eb7b96e666 Add CSS to display H2s in notices 3 years ago
  Chimo 8540bf69e2 gitignore: Ignore vendor folder 3 years ago
  Chimo 8ecf645ce1 Update common_linkify_mentions call 3 years ago
  Chimo bfe3b0c6d4 Match expected onPluginVersion declaration 3 years ago
  Chimo b695a338d6 Fix leading hashtags getting converted into headers 4 years ago
  Chimo ea7e0c21f2 Do GS replacements before markdown 4 years ago
  Chimo aa7ff0d537 Add readme 4 years ago
  Chimo bd22cc26db Initial commit 4 years ago