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Chimo 4d47ad5d7f
Changed 'WebSockets/daemon' to 'Nodeinfo/scripts'
In some comments
4 years ago
Chimo 82e3c7b13b Version bump
v0.1.1 -> v0.1.2
4 years ago
Chimo 8ba1335079 Workaround to support both plugin install dirs
* /plugins/
* /local/plugins

Ref. #5
4 years ago
Chimo 987ae6fe42
Version bump
v0.1.0 -> v0.1.1
4 years ago
Chimo c9787f8c46
Remove 'default' => 'CURRENT_TIMESTAMP'
It still gets added at the DB-level somehow (by some blackmagic
'###START_AUTOCODE' fuckery would be my guess), but we can't have it in
PHP code othewise DB_DataObject barfs... It's great.

Ref. #4
4 years ago
Chimo cbd4c0be96
version bump: Latest changes deserve version bump
v0.0.1 -> v0.1.0
4 years ago
Chimo 5574669e5f
Merge pull request #3 from diogogithub/patch-2
COUNT queries can be very slow
4 years ago
Diogo Cordeiro e38ce23cb7 Faster NodeInfo stats 4 years ago
Chimo 6ee5c3eb6d
Merge pull request #2 from diogogithub/patch-1
Fix typo
4 years ago
Diogo Cordeiro cf445b311e
Fix typo
protcols -> protocols
4 years ago
Chimo 0a0dea42ce readme: Explain what this plugin does 5 years ago
Chimo f8c9295816 Move '/nodeinfo/2.0' to '/main/nodeinfo/2.0'
To prevent potential conflict with a user called 'nodeinfo'
5 years ago
Chimo 64ddf0c36d Inbound/outbound service detection 5 years ago
Chimo 06ee5a2b68 Initial protocol detection mechanism 5 years ago
Chimo 2501a2d538 Implement 'active users' counts 5 years ago
Chimo 457e0b4af9 First commit. Braindump.
Slightly above pseudo-code at this point.
5 years ago