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Tiny plugin to display a user's notices that were favored by others


Make sure the files are in a folder called ReverseFavs if they're not already
Put the folder in your /local/plugins/ directory (create it if it doesn't exist)
Tell /config.php to use it with: addPlugin('ReverseFavs');
A Reverse Favs link should appear in the left-nav of your profile page.

Assuming you're in the root directory of your GNU social installation, commands for the above instructions may look like:

mkdir -p local/plugins
git clone local/plugins/ReverseFavs
echo "addPlugin('ReverseFavs');" >> config.php

Note: depending on the permissions on your GNU social directories, you might need to prefix the commands above with sudo. For example: sudo -u www-data mkdir -p local/plugins, etc.


To update the plugin, run git pull in the local/plugins/ReverseFavs directory.