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  Chimo 12da81b7c5
Fix demo link, remove redundant "usage" section 2 years ago
  Chimo 56a600bcbb
Simplify README 2 years ago
  Chimo 1730d3060e
Prevent warnings from interfering with header() 3 years ago
  Chimo 549b307b30 Merge pull request #1 from TEDICpy/master 3 years ago
  Lu Pa 8d211fb224 point ES html to ES js 3 years ago
  Chimo 480f588cb8 Remove extra file, fix README URLs 3 years ago
  Chimo be1f20b4cf Merge pull request #7 from TEDICpy/master 3 years ago
  Lu Pa fcbf53e165 added translated php file 3 years ago
  Lu Pa fb2c948104 added spanish index 3 years ago
  Chimo f92b93f2ad Merge pull request #6 from TEDICpy/master 3 years ago
  Lu Pa 8acc3ffc6b fixed url link at index.html 3 years ago
  Chimo 294ff8706a closest: Handle detached DOM trees 4 years ago
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  lupa 38773e2a22 Spanish translation added 4 years ago
  Chimo 065c04ab11 Add <meta charset="utf-8" /> to example pages 4 years ago
  Chimo 64ced59196 Add French translation for 'submit' button 4 years ago
  Chimo e82e4ca1e8 Merge pull request #3 from schiesbn/meaningful-name-for-submit-button 4 years ago
  Bjoern Schiessle d4c2eb66c3 give the submit button a meaningful and translatable label 4 years ago
  Chimo efe2afd8d5 Add "icon" example in README 4 years ago
  Chimo 23860901a6 Update link to git repo in comments 4 years ago
  Chimo e4dae79202 Move 'icon' example to main index.html 4 years ago
  Chimo 5e7d1894ac Bundle 'icon' style via gs-share--icon class 4 years ago
  Chimo 5bbf914ab5 Wait for DOMContentLoaded 4 years ago
  Chimo df5c8c49dc Add example with GNU social logo on <button> 4 years ago
  Chimo c491c153a2 Ignore vim 'undo' files 5 years ago
  Chimo e0a0d074f0 Adds server-side fallback script 5 years ago
  chimo b42bfb7f27 Adds French example page 5 years ago
  chimo 0e91cd05f4 Adds folders to file structure 5 years ago
  chimo ace3ed92d2 Some comments 5 years ago
  chimo 638a18b466 Line endings 5 years ago
  chimo 4a8c3f3fd8 Removes unecessary jshint global 5 years ago
  chimo 3e7b5f9ba2 Adds simple i18n mechanism 5 years ago
  chimo 8038083807 Adds jshint configs 5 years ago
  chimo e90c4cbf8a Testing arclint 5 years ago
  chimo 27e77a7f25 Open instance in new window 5 years ago
  chimo d435afce78 [Readme] Escape HTML 5 years ago
  chimo 11d94462e9 Initial readme 5 years ago
  chimo cdac53591e Adds license information 5 years ago
  chimo 5532d1041c Ignore .swp files 5 years ago
  chimo 8d2bc1e043 Normalize line endings 5 years ago
  chimo 5fda20e5e8 Comments are good 5 years ago
  chimo 6950843945 Use element.classList & co. 5 years ago
  chimo b1fef21c10 Hides JS-only widgets when JS is disabled 5 years ago
  chimo 4566e6ade7 Removes BR elements from form 5 years ago
  chimo 57a88c0b94 Support clicks on js-gs-share descendants 5 years ago
  chimo cdca0be4c1 Adds missing 'aria-hidden' attr on error message 5 years ago
  chimo f183b9af53 Adds example HTML and CSS 5 years ago
  chimo e4bd8cb8f0 Clicking outside the popup closes it 5 years ago
  chimo 97a8828a72 Use aria-hidden to control visibility 5 years ago
  chimo cb3f75f4de Support for JS-only solution 5 years ago