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  Chimo f51457e01d Better validation on inputs 2 years ago
  Chimo 7f47d61010 Prettify a bit 2 years ago
  Chimo c05682c85e Add README 2 years ago
  Chimo d3f85ea7f0 Fix method signatures to match expected args 2 years ago
  Chimo 92e2a3c5ec
Ignore vim .swp files 2 years ago
  Chimo ddb3605d2e
Tabs -> spaces 2 years ago
  Chimo b1d037f4f6
Show message when we don't have inactive accounts 2 years ago
  Chimo 5b4df73b6b Add license 3 years ago
  Chimo d745b0f96d Normalize line endings 3 years ago
  Chimo 85128c52c1 panel/staleaccounts should extend adminpanel 3 years ago
  Chimo 372d997f1e Match expected onPluginVersion declaration 3 years ago
  Chimo 26103cd5cf DIVs -> lists 3 years ago
  Chimo 1a48380ff6 Merge pull request #2 from abjectio/master 3 years ago
  Knut Erik Hollund aed55e0e6b use li for nudge button 3 years ago
  Knut Erik Hollund d45c90625f inform that e-mail address is not confirmed when no nudge button is displayed 3 years ago
  Chimo 3c0bb41acf Initial work on 'reminder' functionality 4 years ago
  Chimo c2de5faaf6 Implement 'delete' button 4 years ago
  Chimo 482d25bfba Add pagination 4 years ago
  Chimo b211d022d0 Sort accounts, customizable inactivity period 4 years ago
  Chimo 80d42a3bef Initial commit 4 years ago