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chimo cf904896ff readme: Add screenshots 5 years ago
Chimo 1bd6a3cc48 Add license
Delete old Bing Translate / MS image
6 years ago
Chimo 1ac9b1e0fb Update README to reflect new configs 6 years ago
Chimo 1c9850daec Change translation service from Bing to Yandex
The Bing API has been replaced with Azure, which, from a quick look,
seems to require a bunch of personal information at sign-up.

So Yandex it is until we can find something better.
6 years ago
Chimo b32c3482c6 Match expected onPluginVersion declaration 8 years ago
Chimo d7a8004332 Adhere to the MS attribution guidelines
...before the attribution police comes after us.
8 years ago
Chimo 9573ce9c0b "Bing Translator" -> "Microsoft Translator" 8 years ago
Chimo ade1bb6c13 Add JS formatting rules (jscs/jshint) 8 years ago
Chimo c9119446df Cleanup
* Extend SettingsAction instead of Action
* Move form stuff to /forms/ and extend Form
8 years ago
Chimo f82e200db0 Fix plugin setting retrieval in renewtoken.php
It tried to get the settings via `common_config()`, which works if
settings are in `$config['TranslateNotice']['foo'] = 'bar';` format,
but our plugin settings are passed via
`addPlugin('TranslateNotice', array('foo' => 'bar'));`
8 years ago
Chimo ad3aa3afcb StatusNet::setApi -> GNUsocial::setApi 8 years ago
Chimo ec4721b079 Formatting 8 years ago
Chimo 9ee2c3bc2b STATUSNET -> GNUSOCIAL 8 years ago
Chimo 4fedc6a489 onAutoload isn't necessary anymore 8 years ago
Chimo 4137d83be4 README: Fix screenshot links 9 years ago
Chimo 9c55c48a68 Fix screenshots in readme 9 years ago
chimo 21baad8456 Update token if it's expired
Closes #1
9 years ago
Chimo 015d21a5b6 Adds link to config page in account settings nav 10 years ago
Chimo 36639b4f5d README: fix screenshot links 10 years ago
Chimo a5ed1b5a07 Pre-select user's target language in dropdown 10 years ago
Chimo fda88142ca Adds method to get user's target language 10 years ago
Chimo 4abc40ff13 Comments 10 years ago
Chimo aa739af1a4 Adds ability to choose target language
Under /settings/translatenotice, there is a dropdown with supported
languages. Users can select one and the 'translate' icon will then
translate notices to that language.
10 years ago
Chimo 959ae54216 Don't translate the entire conversation thread
Only the notice we clicked on.
10 years ago
Chimo 54def5e9cf Moves Bing Translator logic into its own file 10 years ago
Chimo dc44aa3db2 Formatting/comments 10 years ago
Chimo f296f32778 Version number 10 years ago
Chimo 10e05d0cdc README: fix code block 10 years ago
Chimo 9f967d1f8c Adds README 10 years ago
Chimo 387b858779 First commit 10 years ago