65 Commits (master)

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  Chimo 9a9e2c0d8e mygpo source: Add microformats 3 years ago
  Chimo 19e4abad4e mygpo: Fixup mygpo source 3 years ago
  Chimo 4cb69061f8 Ping hub when our lifestream is updated 3 years ago
  Chimo 82e45a4c41 Subscribe to topics in the "listen" event handler 3 years ago
  Chimo 3c940844c9 Add websocket host as a config option 3 years ago
  Chimo 4d09af1943 Implement logger (winston) 3 years ago
  Chimo 0309038f2d source: Add mygpo source 3 years ago
  Chimo 30137ea5f1 dep: Ran `npm audit fix` 3 years ago
  Chimo 101acf52ff dep: Add showdown (markdown-to-html converter) 3 years ago
  Chimo 6362ba433a Update package.json deps 3 years ago
  Chimo 6c63543542 flox: Initial parsing for Flox platform 4 years ago
  Chimo 3d54bbe25a srcs: objectType, verb -> object_type, object_verb 5 years ago
  Chimo 47eb078f9a readme: Change demo URL 5 years ago
  Chimo bddedb4320 likes: Add parser for 'like' posts 5 years ago
  Chimo 36d455bd8b gnusocial: Only extract 'u-like' data when dealing with favorites 5 years ago
  Chimo efc0395392 gnusocial: Add u-like-of to favorites 5 years ago
  Chimo aa3be30c55 gogs: 'View comparison' bug in Gogs was fixed 5 years ago
  Chimo b9f03b5b58 Initial work to support HTTPS 6 years ago
  Chimo 7a4aba1d1e gogs: fix foreign_url hostname 6 years ago
  Chimo dc696f6467 gogs: Update parser for v0.7.22 6 years ago
  Chimo 7f534ba0f3 Fix "foreign_url" values 6 years ago
  Chimo 838acc4a08 Refactor: more like an app, less like a script 6 years ago
  Chimo c1ece02066 Formatting 6 years ago
  Chimo e9936847c3 gnusocial: add original author to "repeat" titles 6 years ago
  Chimo 8c8a7d2542 Revert "gogs: work-around upstream 'time-since' bug" 6 years ago
  Chimo b5bf840f8b pullet: Add "Pullet" source 6 years ago
  Chimo 7fe916de66 gogs: work-around upstream 'time-since' bug 6 years ago
  Chimo 1b2a2b164c Tell websockets the id of the new item we inserted 6 years ago
  Chimo 4cc19ae573 gnusocial: fix repeat XML/regex parsing 6 years ago
  Chimo 7716237ea4 gnufm: use track url as foreign link 6 years ago
  Chimo 1732c1a3f1 Handle missing or malformed config file errors 6 years ago
  Chimo cc4d352ce8 Use hub's response data in sub SQL table 6 years ago
  Chimo 459380ec4e Readme: update 'requirements'/'configuration' info 6 years ago
  Chimo 032473e849 Add 'charset' DB config option 6 years ago
  Chimo 95ddee105e gnusocial: convert remaining AS obj-types to atom 6 years ago
  Chimo 0d894b7cd2 gogs: fix content and source links 6 years ago
  Chimo a7b434302c gnufm: handle when album info is missing 6 years ago
  Chimo b29fcda8dc De-dupe http vs. https handling 6 years ago
  Chimo 15074f3bc9 [WIP] gnusocial: atom instead of activitystream 6 years ago
  Chimo 1b2ff1b82c Formatting 6 years ago
  Chimo 33c71878bd Rough gnufm source implementation 6 years ago
  Chimo d78769a555 gogs: don't decode html entities on cheerio.load() 6 years ago
  Chimo 816496fda5 Fix "View comparison" link text 6 years ago
  Chimo 89c7640a75 gogs: Check for https as well as http 6 years ago
  Chimo e28fa3ed86 gogs: don't hardcode hostname 6 years ago
  Chimo 75c5498d07 Initial gogs support 6 years ago
  Chimo 8e15193fcd package.json: Add missing 'ws' dependency 6 years ago
  Chimo 550eb2663f Quick test to handle https 6 years ago
  Chimo 4054d69f4d gnusocial: Add mf2 to "follow" activity content 6 years ago
  Chimo 280e73dc17 gnusocial: Group description is optional 6 years ago