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  Chimo 600f1a42ad
Make the GS server configurable 1 year ago
  Chimo 502813e1e0
Twitter -> GNU social 1 year ago
  Rashmi Yadav b82964cf8f Bump new version 1.4.0 2 years ago
  Rashmi Yadav e83ff394f1 Merge pull request #107 from bzf/al-allow-custom-callback-url 2 years ago
  Rashmi Yadav 7d066d16e6 Call parent class callback_url when params[‘callback_url’] is nil 2 years ago
  André Ligné 4b6122a649 Override the `callback_path` method 2 years ago
  Rashmi Yadav 74cc5ca3b7 version bump to 1.3.0 2 years ago
  Rashmi Yadav 1ed5f66d23 Merge pull request #114 from unasuke/drop_eol_ruby 2 years ago
  Yusuke Nakamura 3c425732c1
Drop support of rubinius 2 years ago
  Yusuke Nakamura ecbd65fde2
Specify distro in travis to ubuntu:trusty(14.04) 2 years ago
  Yusuke Nakamura a6765c9027
Install addressable 2.4.0 if ruby version is lower than 2.0.0 2 years ago
  Yusuke Nakamura 3070898fc9
Install rack 1.6 if ruby version is lower than 2.2.2 2 years ago
  Yusuke Nakamura d4cc40d3b2
Specify patch version of rubies on travis 2 years ago
  Yusuke Nakamura c16566e15e
Drop support on eol ruby versions 2 years ago
  Yusuke Nakamura de237dda5a
Add rack as dependency 2 years ago
  Arun Agrawal 1d7161ae6c Use 2.4 on travis 2 years ago
  Arun Agrawal c6284060de Drop json gem support 2 years ago
  André Ligné 8cb9074d64 Allow passing a callback_url param 2 years ago
  Rashmi Yadav 343120bf99 Bump a new version! 3 years ago
  Rashmi Yadav 81bf3ec0f5 Merge pull request #96 from arunagw/ry-add-email-in-response 3 years ago
  Rashmi Yadav f3c03fd925 Add specs to test raw_info 3 years ago
  Rashmi Yadav 255e7b61a5 Append include_email in verify credential request to get email 3 years ago
  Rashmi Yadav 804a54f8e5 Get email from raw_info 3 years ago
  Rashmi Yadav e131939709 Bump a new version 3 years ago
  Rashmi Yadav bf08bfb8cf Merge pull request #93 from sferik/replace-multi_json-with-json 3 years ago
  Erik Michaels-Ober 6f826a7bd5 Move development dependencies into Gemfile 3 years ago
  Erik Michaels-Ober c6942b1087 Replace multi_json with standard library json 3 years ago
  Erik Michaels-Ober 2334d7622c Enforce code coverage minimum 3 years ago
  Arun Agrawal fea167e6f9 Merge pull request #92 from amatsuda/support_ruby_21x_and_22x 3 years ago
  Akira Matsuda 160e139a5c Test against ruby 2.1.x and 2.2.x 3 years ago
  Rashmi Yadav cfee770aa3 Merge pull request #88 from cllns/use-new-spec-syntax 4 years ago
  Rashmi Yadav 95b6f73474 Merge pull request #90 from cllns/increase-test-coverage 4 years ago
  Sean Collins a78957b231 Add (passing) test for 'bigger' image 4 years ago
  Sean Collins d4cb9c8dc3 Add (passing) test for force_login 4 years ago
  Sean Collins 95a528f9d2 remove deprecation warnings by using new stub syntax 4 years ago
  Rashmi Yadav f821239c96 Merge pull request #87 from pwnall/patch-1 4 years ago
  Victor Costan 667fa0c0a5 Update Twitter dev area link in README 4 years ago
  Rashmi Yadav 5a81ed69c0 Merge pull request #86 from liftcode/master 4 years ago
  Jeremy Lewis 8d1d7f2bbd Fixed support for skip_info option to ensure raw_info isn't called if skip_info is true, and added a test case 4 years ago
  Rashmi Yadav 27d81f6402 Merge pull request #84 from kevinrobinson/master 4 years ago
  Kevin Robinson b4f45d3036 Update version to 1.1.0 so users can pull in changes 4 years ago
  Rashmi Yadav 35275bab07 simplify if block 4 years ago
  Rashmi Yadav bc39062e65 Merge pull request #73 from joona/use_authorize 4 years ago
  Rashmi Yadav e0a65062f9 Merge pull request #79 from guilhermesimoes/change-tested-rubies 4 years ago
  Guilherme Simoes 726315518a Test new rubies and stop testing rubies end-of-life'd 4 years ago
  Rashmi Yadav ddef815b78 Merge pull request #78 from guilhermesimoes/documentation-love 4 years ago
  Guilherme Simoes a52b06062e Add Rubygems' "gem version" and Code Climate's "code quality" badges 4 years ago
  Guilherme Simoes 6840d4937d Update documentation 4 years ago
  Rashmi Yadav 2be4b0dc70 Merge pull request #77 from loganhasson/master 4 years ago
  Logan Hasson 95c11d4356 Update specs to RSpec 2.14.8 syntax 4 years ago